Boofle Gifts & Bears

The Boofle story started in 2007, where the character begun as a plasticine model before being turned into the more recognisable knitted character that it is today. What makes this character so special is his love for all celebrations and occasions. From birthdays to father’s day, if there’s a party popper and cake then make sure Boofle’s invited!

Boofle Gifts

Today, the best place to buy Boofle is to shop online. At CharacterWise you can choose from a huge range of Boofle gifts, including novelty mugs, Boofle bears of all sizes and gifts for special occasions like Mother’s Day.

Boofle Bears

Our plush bears come in a variety of designs and show just how much this pup loves to change outfits! From love-heart pyjamas for the chilly nights to cool-dude shades and shorts for the summer months, Boofle fits in just about anywhere!

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