Despicable Me

Despicable Me & Minion Gifts

Supervillain Gru, along with his army of yellow Minions and the slightly aging gadget man Dr. Nefario have been joined by the newly adopted girls Margo, Edith and Agnes – but Gru isn’t about to settle down as a father anytime soon! The Despicable Me movies have been a huge success, largely down to the fun-loving Minions, who we hear have a movie of their very own arriving in 2015!


Our range is all about the characters which make Despicable Me so brilliantly fun, the Minions! From active children's toys like skipping ropes and scooters to skateboards, kids can have fun outdoors or bouncing off the walls in true Minion fashion. 

Puzzles & Activities

You'll also find great Minion puzzles and activity packs. From large puzzles (featuring lots of yellow Minion faces!) to creative packs filled with stationery and activities, children can bring the Minions to life themselves. 

As the love for Despicable Me grows so will our range. Here you’ll find great products like school bags and cutlery sets featuring those mischievous minions, and there's lots more to come! 

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