Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Toys & Gifts

Hello Kitty recently celebrated 40 years as one of the most iconic characters of all time, and despite such a long life Kitty is still just the height of 5 apples and the weight of 3! With a cute bow, button nose and a cheerful and happy nature Hello Kitty’s motto of “You can never have too many friends” makes Kitty popular amongst adults and children across the world. You’ll find a fantastic range of Hello Kitty products here, including plush TY beanies, school stationery, jewellery, photo frames, kid’s toys and more!

Hello Kitty Toys

Our range of Hello Kitty toys spans from the soft and cuddly to the interactive and creative. Whether you're looking for a Hello Kitty soft toy to add to a collection, or a challenging puzzle for Sunday afternoons you will find it here. 

Hello Kitty Accessories

From girl's watches to fashionable belts, bags, purses and more, we have a huge range of Hello Kitty accessories which mean you can take your favourite Kitty where ever you go! These accessories make great gifts too, with affordable key rings and girl's purses all available. 

Hello Kitty School Essentials

Hello Kitty is the perfect companion for the school, home or office! We've got fantastic Hello Kitty stationery ranging from the basic pen and pencil to full colouring sets. 

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