Tatty Teddy

The Me to You Tatty Teddy bears are famous for having the cute blue nose and grey fur. Giving a Tatty Teddy bear is showing how much you care, and receiving one is knowing that someone thinks that you're special.

We have a range of wonderful Tatty Teddy gifts, and everyday products, each looking to spread the love and friendship that these bears are so well known for.

Tatty Teddy Bear

What started out as a simple grey bear with a blue nose can now be found almost anywhere! Whether you're looking for a cute and soft Tatty Teddy bear or yourself, or your buying as a gift for a friend or family, you'll find a great range here! 

Tatty Teddy Dress Up

We know how much your bear can mean to you, and now you can show your bear how much they love them with Tatty Teddy dress up! Featuring a range of accessories, outfits and clothing you can customise your bear and prepare them for almost any occasion. Whether it's a pink dressing gown for a girl's night in, or a raincoat for a drizzly day than you'll find it here. 

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