Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters & Moshlings

The world of Moshi Monsters is an online environment where children (and adults!) can choose their very own virtual pet monster to look after. Monstro City has become a community where players can play games, customise their surroundings and catch the collectable Moshlings to keep in their zoo. But the world of Moshi Monsters doesn’t stop online. Here you’ll find a great range of collectable plush Moshling toys, including all of your favourite characters like Mrs Snoodle, Nutmeg, Scamp and many more!

And it doesn’t stop there, because those cheeky monsters can be found on school stationery, notepads, pencil cases and more – all of which can be found right here.

Moshi Monsters Moshlings

Buy a great range of Moshi Monsters Moshlings here to add to your collection! Whether it's Mrs. Snoodle or Willow that's your favourite, you're sure to find the moshling for you. Keep your eyes peeled for new Monsters added!

Moshi Monsters Stationery

Take your favourite monsters to school with our fantastic range of stationery. From notepads and books to super stationery sets that mean you'll never ask for a pencil again, we have a fantastic selection here! 

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