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Mr Men & Little Miss

Mr Men & Little Miss Gifts

It’s been over 40 years since Mr Men’s creator Roger Hargreaves was asked “What does a tickle look like?” by his 6-year old son, and since then a whole world of colourful Mr Men and Little Miss characters have spawned from the creator’s imagination. From Mr. Bump to Little Miss Sunshine, children and adults have fallen in love with the Mr Men illustrations and stories worldwide.

Our range of Mr Men and Little Miss stationery, soft toys, children's bags and more all have a few things in common. Where these wonderful characters go they're sure to brighten your day and have lots of fun. 

Mr Men & Little Miss Characters

What better characer branded products to have than ones featuring the iconic likes of Mr. Strong and Mr. Bump. What makes Mr Men & Little Miss such great gifts is the characteristics we share with them. Whether you know someone who's always smiling like Mr. Happy, or someone who loves to gossip like Mrs. Chatterbox, we all know someone who these characters would get on well with! 

Soft TY Beanie Babies

Our range of 6-inch soft toys not only feature a familiar face, but are officially licensed TY products meaning you can expect the best quality and design. 

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