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TY Beanie Boos

TY Beanie Boos Plush Toys

Over 20 years since their release, the 1990’s international stuffed-animal craze Beanie Babies are still as popular today as ever. These collectable plush toys come in all shapes and sizes, and the phrase ‘there’s something for everyone’ couldn’t be truer!

Since the launch of the more traditional animal characters like Spot the Dog and Flash the Dolphin, TY Beanie Babies has expanded their range to include movie character toys and vibrant lines like the Beanie Boos.

TY Beanie Boos come in three basic sizes. The 3” pocket sized plush include a hand key clip, perfect for attaching to a set of keys, clipping to a backpack zip and customising possessions with! The 6” standard sized plush is most commonly found in shops and is a popular choice for those building a collection. The larger 9-10” plush make for a stand-out gift that’s big in size and perfect for cuddling!

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