At CharacterWise you’ll find a wide range of boy’s and girl’s toys featuring the world-renown characters children have fallen in love with. Whether you’re looking for the latest craze, like to keep playtime old-school or you’re looking for a gift you’re sure to find the toy for you.

When it comes to toys for babies and children you will not be short of choice. Tiny Tatty Teddy yous are perfect for babies and toddlers, as the soft baby safe materials mean they are safe for all ages. If you're looking for children's toys then a soft plush could be just the thing. Start or build a collection with My Blue Nose Friends which come in all colours and shapes, from sabre tooth tigers to tree frogs. Or if you're looking for something to stimulate and entertain them, our games and puzzles are perfect, and feature fantastic characters from the big screen like Frozen's Elsa & Anna and the Minions of the Despicable Me world. 

You'll also find plenty of playsets, activity toys, and lots more here. A character branded toy means they'll not only have something great to play with, but it features one of their favourite characters, whether that's Peppa Pig or My Little Pony! 

Soft Toys

Here you'll find a massive range of soft toys featuring fantastic characters. From Me to You bears to Peppa Pig, you're sure to find it here.

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